The human concern to bring relief and rehabilitation efforts in most famine affected region of North Bihar gave birth to the oldest railway line on the North Eastern Railway system from Dalsingsarai to Darbhanga via Samastipur, covering a distance 43 miles  in a time span of a little more than 6 months and was opened on November 1, 1875 under the aegis of the ‘Tirhut Railway’, a state owned railway.

On July 1, 1890 the state owned ‘Tirhut Railway’ was transferred to a private owned Railway  ‘the Bengal and North Western Railway’. Subsequently the railway system of this region (Samastipur via Darbhanga to Jhanjharpur) became pasrt of Awadh &Tirhut State Railway’.

Samastipur Division comprises of many sections of old ‘Awadh & Tirhut Railway and serves Mithila region which was centre of rich cultural heritage and finds mention in Indian Mythology. This region has played a very important role in ancient & medieval history. Samastipur became a district in 1972 when it was split from Darbhanga District. Samastipur Railway Division came into existence in year North Eastern Railway subsequently it became part of East Central Railway w.e.f  1st  October 2002